In 2023, Edgar Honetschläger, founder and CEO of gobugsgo, was invited to participate in an art competition. The institution that commissioned the competition, BIG (Federal Real Estate Company), is a state-owned enterprise. Whenever the state of Austria constructs something, a small percentage must be invested in art. For each project, artists are invited. In this case, BIG gifted the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, an artwork for their 150th anniversary. Edgar, together with the entomologist Dominique Zimmermann, a GBG board member, developed an insect manifesto: 13 statements for a world where humans and insects live in harmony. In collaboration with scientists from BOKU, the manifesto was given its final form, and insects were selected for some of the points that are the base of the manifesto based on which Edgar realized the Walk of Insects – an allusion to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame: 13 engraved granite stones form a permanent installation in front of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna. The artwork was inaugurated on May 21, 2024, and from there on, all students, professors, and members of the university will step on this artwork as they enter or leave the institution.

As a symbolic 14th stone, a new plot of land was purchased in Lower Austria for GoBugsGo – that is, for the insects – and turned into a non-human zone, according to the principles of the institution. The BIG and the jury who decided on this project were truly bold, as the state commissioned an artwork, but most of the money went into creating another non-human zone for GoBugsGo. The realization of this project will hopefully mark the beginning of the end of of the dichotomy civilization/culture-nature . Culture (everything humans create) is assured our protection, but nature does not enjoy this treatment. However, if nature is declared to be art, it deserves the same protection.

The WALK OF INSECTS permanantly installed at the Front Square of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Non-Human Zone in Langenlois, Lower Austria, 8 acres

Printed Insect Manifesto by Edgar Honetschläger and Dominique Zimmermann.

If you are interested in  this poster please let us  know at  bugs@gobugsgo.org

Below the 13 granite plates with engravings of the 13 postulates/guidelines accompanied by insects drawn by the artist.

Memorial plaque on the University Building.